MCT: The Concept of Time

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The audio of class ten of The Magic of Clear Thinking is now available.

In Tuesday’s class we looked at The Concept of Time.

Download the reading and audio here: MCT Class Ten


The reading for class ten is from a monastic textbook popularly known as The Collected Topics of Rato (Rva-stod bsdus-grva), by Master Chokhla U-ser, a great master of Rato Monastery who lived about 1500 AD. This particular book is considered the “grandfather” of what came to be a separate genre of literature in Tibet: the dura (bsdus-grva), or “selected topics from the Commentary on Valid Perception (Pramana Varttika, or Tsad-ma rnam-‘grel) of Master Dharmakirti (circa 650 AD).

The audio of Geshe Michael Roach teaching this topic in 1998 can be found here: ACI 13 class 10 dura topic

The complete audio of the original Asian Clasics Institute Formal Course 13: The Art of Reasoning can be found at, along with many, many other beautiful teachings.

The class was held at the new Wisdom’s Heart center at 2 Duncan St. In Gloucester. For more information about Wisdom’s Heart, please visit