Compassion Day By Day: Making It Personal

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Audio files for Compassion Day By Day: Making It Personal with Ven. Lobsang Chukyi

Session One, Friday August 12, 2016: Session One, Friday, August 12


Ven. Lobsang Chukyi (Anne Lindsey) is a fully ordained Buddhist nun who served a spiritual community full time for over seventeen years.  She also has training as a Psychologist (ABD for a Ph.D. In clinical psychology), yoga teacher and coach.  She has been a caretaker for and a participant in two different three year retreats, formally studied Buddhist philosophy, both sutra and tantra, for over 15 years, and has had the privilege of teaching Buddhism, meditation and yoga throughout the world.

Chukyi’s most precious experience, though, is as a spiritual seeker, practitioner, and student.  She has been through physical challenges (breast cancer, chronic fatigue, and colitis) and emotional and spiritual challenges as well (including major crises in her spiritual community).  Compassion and self compassion are subjects dear to her heart, and are the center of her daily practice.

This workshop is designed as a follow up to Master Culadasa’s teachings on Engaged Compassion, although it is not necessary to have attended those teachings as a prerequisite to this one.

During our weekend together we will review definitions of compassion, and work to build a structure to be able to express compassion towards ourselves and others in our daily life.